As opinionated folks like we are, we feel it’s our job to make sure the world knows how we feel. Still, a small staff limits our content output and we need expansion.

Pssttt…this is where you come in.

We need writers and podcasters to help expand our site and become the powerhouse we dream to be. If you or someone you know would like to contribute, email us at mail@solelytheopinion.net. We’ll need samples of your work. We expect you to check your facts, voice your opinion in your own fashion, and produce overall great work. We expect your work to be spell-checked and little to no grammar mistakes. I WON’T accept anything I need to spend more than 10 minutes fixing grammar on, so brush up on your skills.

Keep in mind, the more you can write for us, the better. The more you can podcast, the better. So be honest when you tell me how often you can contribute. I do have the right to reject work for unethical writing such as racism, slander, plagiarism, or straight-up-untrue facts. Hommie don’t play that.

All that being said, contact us and we’ll be in touch if we like what you’ve written.


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